Sunlight’s Bane / Geist
Split 7″

Add this one to your list of improbable split singles.

Geist chokes out their brand of relentless thrash metal out of England, while thousands of miles away Sunlight’s Bane fouls Michigan’s water (perhaps they’re responsible for what went terribly wrong in Flint). This split 7” single (available on handsomely packaged vinyl for a pittance) adds up to four songs (two for each band) released on Seeing Red Records and each one is a rotten example of grind and thrash metal glee.

Sunlight’s Bane gets things rolling with an absolutely crushing, broken fist to the teeth as they did on last year’s “Antiquated Chapters”. When the track is finally done, the most painful aural minute and nineteen seconds you’ll likely ever to endure, you’re compelled to spit blood and teeth on the floor and wonder whose is whose. More blackened hardcore, their second track “Spoke The Cancerous Void” is viscerally unpleasant, and in that regard, screeching vocals and it’s breakneck speed churns the guts, it’s an amazing piece of work.

Overall, I like the Geist crustier tracks a little more. Coming off of last year’s six-song, loosely conceptual EP, “Faith Healing” they’re a degree more nuanced. Think of it like this, if Sunlight’s Bane kicks you hard in the nuts like a mule, these guys gently fill your swollen guts with warm chum. There are genuinely textured moments on “Gold Sores” (a grim pun, I think) and “Location Data” bursts of screeching feedback, breathless vocals, and a few guitar breakdowns that serve to punctuate the thrash.

However improbably assembled, this split single offers a unique sampling of a couple of thrash/grind bands really coming into the helm of their power.

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