Super Hi-Fi
Plays Nirvana
(Very Special Recordings)

If you’re like me and you see little point in a band covering songs and playing them identically to the original, Super Hi-Fi will be a breath of fresh air. If you’re also like me and don’t find much interest in Nirvana, Super Hi-Fi playing Nirvana won’t make you cringe, cause, well, this sounds nothing like Nirvana. In fact, despite having heard most of the originals here, I didn’t recognize a single tune.

How the Brooklyn supergroup do it is by drawing from Jamaican dub sounds, where reggae grooves and warm brass sounds ensure that trombones are often more focused than guitars. It’s a slowed down affair, far from these Seattle roots, with a firm afro-dub makeover that’s entirely instrumental and interesting enough to hold my attention longer than any grunge-rock.

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