Superstition are playing the “we’re an eerie death metal band” card for sure.  With doom and horror motifs throughout, it’s easy to interpret the band’s presence.  An they have without a doubt been listening to the 80’s cult classics of Death metal, which can be clearly heard via their harmonic riffs and echo-chamber type vocals-“maybe layoff the reverb guys.”  I might even go as far to say that Superstition is borderline instrumental. But, that aside, I will give them props for really sticking to their vision of being a legit death metal band and not striving  for radio sound on The Anatomy of Unholy Transformation.  

There are nine tracks in total- three of which are sequential; “Unholy Transformation Pt. 1,” “Unholy Transformation Pt. 2,” and “Unholy Transformation Pt. 3.”  All of which are about a minute or less and are responsible for the doom/horror motif consistency, as they are placed between other tracks, that perpetuate more energy and livelihood such as “Torn in the Outer Lands.” This is a loud track, full of solos, and weighty beats, with speed that never lets up.  This can be said for six of the nine tracks-so they’ve really packed a punch overall. “Is it my cup-of-tea? Not so much.” “But can I appreciate the efforts to remain true to their sound and that of the genre?”- “Yes! “

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Macie is a lifelong metal fan and music journalist. Thrash is her #1 and she loves a good eighties hair metal jam. She is still waiting for the second-coming of grunge.

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