Surprise Vacation
Stealing Office Supplies
(Our Damn Selves)

The world certainly may not need another punk band from Southern California, but when they are as casually comfortable as Surprise Vacation, you realize there may actually be room for another one.

On their first full length, Stealing Office Supplies, the trio (Ben Merlis, Wyatt Lavasseur and Javier Cruz) play loud, melodic pop punk with plenty of humor (check out “Surprise Vacation”) that may sound like a little bit like a lot of bands you’ve heard before, but they’re original enough to standout. The blink and you’ll miss it guitar solo on a track like “Set You Off” and plenty of their other licks, sets the band miles apart for many in the genre who stick tightly to the three-chord-only template.

The 10-songs here all hover around the two-minute mark, recalling many of the genre’s classics like The Ramones and Billy Idol’s old outfit, Generation X. Trimmed of all the unnecessary fat, Stealing Office Supplies manages to be both familiar and original.

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