The Survival Code
Broken Strings EP

This trio from London, England was founded back in 2011 and has released their newest single that has three songs of powerful modern hard rock. They have released a previous EP and a full length album before this and are keen to get more music out.

The three songs are played tightly and with passion, a passion that is easy to hear from the impassioned vocals and deft playing from the band. The songs are catchy and definitely get stuck in your head after one listen and make you hit the replay button again and again. The riffs are thick; the fat bass and pounding drums acting in tandem push the songs into the stratosphere. As a teaser for more music to come, this makes you want to go out and get their older stuff just so you can hear more from them. They stay on the side of hard rock, without going all out metal and thankfully don’t go with shouted/screamed vocals, just gritty enough to give the songs a strong and tough sound.

These guys have what it takes to get fans, great songs, terrific playing and a vocalist who fits perfectly, now they need you to do your job… go out and buy the damn thing! This is a band to keep your ears and eyes out for.



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