Despite being around for three decades and having released over a dozen records over that time, Drowning In The Sea, Rising With The Sun marks the first time the Swingin’ Utters have put out a definitive Best Of collection from their catalog (there was a pre-Fat Wreck Chords era set and a collection of B-Sides and rarities, but nothing that properly covered the band’s range and depth up to this point).

This 33-songs set highlights a band that rarely had a misstep; there have been some line-up changes and a brief hiatus over the years, but the group has never put out a bad album. There are no pretentious concept records to apologize for and no dips into niche genres (that’s what side projects are for), just a career of satisfyingly brilliant music offering classic, hook-laden punk rock and nowhere is that more apparent than on Drowning In The Sea.

Spanning from their mid-90s debut (though the band has been together since 1988), this set includes some obvious fan favorites, some staples from their live shows and several songs that have never been played before an audience.

If you ever needed proof that punk was still alive and well, this Swingin’ Utters collection should do it.

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