Thugs They Look Like Angels

This three-piece band from Paris, France, and also listed as from Los Angeles, is a throw-back to those alt-rock bands of the ’90s that used a touch of punk, some rock and a whole bottle full of angst to create their sound. You can hear the Pixies in their wall of noise attack and the power of bands like Hole in their blast of energy.

“American Bride” is their first video and song on this ten track album and it shows the band’s ideas off with great aplomb. The song is powerful, has pounding drums, thick bass lines, fast guitar licks and powerful vocals that all make for a great introduction. The songs are catchy and thankfully don’t add in any metal, just keeping to the more alternative rock side which is great and welcome. The songs are all rooted in the alt-rock explosion of the early nineties and keep up the energy throughout the album. They have a hint of Soul Asylum in their music, especially on “Self Induced Fever,” but that makes sense since they opened for them in concert. The band is tight and gives a great performance on these ten songs and shows the listener that they have real emotion to carry out these songs.

The band shows great promise and makes sure that the listener is drawn into the songs, giving you an experience that those bands from the ‘90s seemed to lose as time went on. If you miss the sounds of the ’90s, this band will take you back and give your ears a treat.



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