Toronto has a badass pop-punk/indie rock band on their hands with Talk Show Host! This band is the finest parts of those genres meshed together… fast tempo, hooks galore, catchy lyrics, strong vocals and vocal harmonies and rock full-bodied guitars. These attributes allow them to straddle the line between pop-punk and indie rock without committing to a box. This is some seriously good stuff.

Only together a little over two years, Talk Show Host is clearly not a flash in the pan new band. The maturity of their sound far surpasses the relatively short life of the band. TSH’s third EP, Not Here to Make Friends, is a wonderful little sample of what this band can do! Their bandcamp page segue way is, “Two recovering punks and an indie rocker walk into a bar…” You know, that statement pretty much sums up TSH… and it’s funny as shit!

The EP is only five songs and 13-minutes long, and truthfully, I found myself quite deflated when it ended. I wanted more. The EP starts out strong with “Dead Meat” an anthem very much in the vein of The Ataris and New Found Glory. Next, “We’re Not Here to Make Friends,” boasts the faster, louder tempo of classic punk with surprisingly beautiful vocal harmonies. While those two things don’t sound like they would mesh well, TSH makes them pretty damn awesome together! The third tune, “I Hate Men (I Hate All Men),” is my personal favorite. This song bored its way into my subconscious and I’ve been singing it in my head for…well, for too damn long! (Uhh, thanks, guys!) This song is catchy as hell and will suck you in powerfully and roll you around in all its poppy-rocky goodness from the first note to the last.

The fourth tune, “Watch Him Fall,” is more rock with bold, sweeping guitars, some seriously demanding bass work and just a vibe that will please the rocker in you. Finally, “A Nervous Wreck” brings the punk influence hard, a la Green Day, Yellowcard or Taking Back Sunday. This is the best damn 13 minutes I’ve had this week.

Talk Show Host is Chris on vocals and guitars, Sean on drums and harmonies and Fab on bass. They’re awesome dudes, so show them some love!

Purchase the album here.


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