TC Superstar just released a new record, R&D, out this past May on Porch Fire Records.

The band is a collaborative performance group fronted by Connor McCampbell.

“McCampbell’s production style is rooted in modern bedroom pop, but alludes to 80s synthwave (Depeche Mode, New Order) and late 70s dance music (Chic, David Bowie),” the band’s press release explains. This really describes the sound; although dreamy and dancey, the record still makes you want to get up and move. Like a lot of music in this genre, there is a soft sadness but still also a driving beat. 

The band formed in September of 2017 and previously released another record, Masc, an album about notions of masculinity. Hailing from Austin, it’s clear that while the musical project focuses on being catchy, there is a deeper message to their music. After that, they released Heat Death, an EP that focused on environmental issues. 

“With R&D, TC Superstar explores notions of love, romance, and relationships through the lens of two characters, Ricky and Dana,” the band explain. “The narrative structure of the album is broken up by interview audio with collaborators on the project. R&D is TC Superstar’s most collaborative album yet; it features Blair Howerton (Why Bonnie), Mary Bryce (Smiile),
Caleb Doughty, and Marcus Bell (Indoor Creature), as well as many other Austin musicians.”

The nature of collaboration and various voices, as well as softer subject matter, is also present in the music, which has a more ethereal feel, and even with the album artwork. If you’re looking for some strong, synth-drive, alternative music, look no further.


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