Judging by the influences that merge into telethon’s latest LP, it likely takes a warehouse to store their record collection.

Much like their earlier efforts, including 2016’s brilliantly ambitious 30-song rock opera, their latest effort, Hard Pop, is slathered with the history of innumerable bands, from ‘70s stadium and glam rock to pop and punk, making for a dizzying and wildly enjoyable 45 or so minutes of music. From the horns and bells merging with classic rock power chords on a song like “Wanderparty” or the piano bleeding into ska on the closing track “Manila,” you have to go back to a band like The Format to find a collective more in tune with making the most of their varied influences while still managing to come off as strikingly original; Easily the best album this year to include a French Horn and string section.

At a time when technology makes it easy for any suburban band to call themselves DIY and originalists, Milwaukee’s Telethon have spent the past four years evolving from a talented group with unique a sound to one of the one of the most consistently satisfying underrated punk/power pop bands going at the moment. 

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