Terminal Nation
Absolute Control
(Deep Six Records)

Fierce power violence? Ear piercing crossover with touches of grind and hardcore? Whatever you want to call Terminal Nation, you can not deny that they provide some batshit crazy jams for the disenfranchised and downtrodden. Absolute Control is full of thick ear crunching grooves and scathing abrasive tunes that will not  be easily dismissed.

Terminal Nation have been around for a few years, and they have certainly honed their craft as one of Arkansas’ more caustic underground acts. If one were to compare them to other bands, you could say that they are carrying the torch left behind by bands like Citizens Arrest and Weekend Nachos. Do not expect anything elaborate or grandiose on this nine track EP; it’s simply fast pit music.


Nicholas Pendergast is a writer and artist with eight years of experience as a contributor. He has written for New Noise, Metal Injection, and Indy Metal Vault just to name a few places that have defied his low expectations by inviting his opinions. His goal in life is to die peacefully before backpains become a natural everyday occurrence, and he finally quit Warcraft because of China.

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