Terror Empire
Obscurity Rising
(Mosher Records)

With so many sub-genres in the 2017 metal climate, thrash can be easily overlooked. But I’ll give you a band that says it’s alive and well. Portuguese thrashers Terror Empire bring forth all the best and essential elements of thrash metal.

The band holds true to the exclusivity of classic guitar solos, which have since perished in the formation of modern metal trends. “Times of War” and “Lust” are tracks on par with thrash greats. Their influence is clear, pulling from 80s thrash, with muddled, mid level vocals from the likes of Max Cavalera and guitar tonality and solo styles of Dave Mustane. These are solid, no-nonsense, musicians, with a skillfully crafted pulse and overall rigidness.

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Macie is a lifelong metal fan and music journalist. Thrash is her #1 and she loves a good eighties hair metal jam. She is still waiting for the second-coming of grunge.

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