When an album’s opening track harmoniously screeches, “Take me back, each day is like a heart attack,” paired with cover artwork of an astro, slime-infused, tear-dropped, pinup queen … you know a dynamic journey is about to unfold. Only one band has the gusto, attitude, and musical innovativeness to pull off this intensely wicked record that jams from start to finish. That band is The Atom Age. 

Wailing and hailing straight from the Bay Area punk scene since 2009, their newest musical conquest Cry ‘Til You Die was recently released on Tiger Dream Records. With every spin, it becomes more impressive and evocative, leaving a complex impression that is not for the faint at heart.

Produced by Dave Schiffman, (Tom Petty, Anti Flag, Bad Religion, Jimmy Eat World), one might ask; ‘why would a two-time-Grammy-Award-winning engineer collaborate on a straight-up, 60s-surf-punk, garage album?’ From a fan’s perspective, it makes perfect sense because the band is really that good. Witnessing The Atom Age play live at a dive years back, this album captures that same vivacious vigor of their stages performances of the past.   

In anticipation for the record’s debut, the five-piece band promoted their first two video singles, “Walk Through Walls” and “Never Looking,” which was a perfect teaser. Another noteworthy track is “Bad Seeds.” The saxophone and organ hook crawls into your blood making it impossible to not dance infectiously.

They combined those elements with some witty lyrics, razor-sharp vocals, shredding guitar licks, flying bass notes, and thrashing drumbeats to create a memorable, maximum r & b, surf-stomp, lullaby. Truth be told, searching for an anthology that is impressionable throughout can be mind-numbing.

This slice is far from that grueling sentiment, since there is not a weak link in the grouping. Each song stands on its own with authority. Finally, there is a new LP on the scene where you can sit back and vibe without moving the record needle. Cry ‘Til You Die is what the garage punk scene has needed all year. 

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