The Darling Fire may not be a band you know of just yet, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t at least heard of some of its members due to their past endeavors. With most of the group having storied careers in scene favorite bands (including one with ties to Dashboard Confessional), it’s no wonder there’d be high expectations coming with their debut release.  And luckily for us, those high expectations were met, and then some, by the rock supergroup with the release of their debut album Dark Celebration, which is set to come out on June 14 via Spartan Records. 

Between vocalist Jolie Lindholm’s haunting vocals delicately paired with the band’s melodic backings, the album itself pulls you in and takes you on a journey through its pensive lyrics and heavy-hearted delivery.  The songs fair more on the lengthy side of things, but that’s not to the detriment of the album as a whole. Rather, the lengthy nature of the songs helps add to this whimsical and oftentimes spacey vibe to the record as a whole. 

It’s an interesting choice, really, as bands in today’s day and age typically go for quick beats with a too-fast pace. With some songs almost clocking in at the six-minute mark, that can’t be said for The Darling Fire. Instead, the group takes the time to establish each song’s overarching feeling with enticing vocals and dreamy instrumentals, which really enhances the takeaway. Now, that may sound scary to some, but the length of these tracks only adds to the record, and it never seems too lengthy or too much at any given point in time. And with a record that only has eight songs to it, there’s a sense of completion, despite not having many songs to really establish that. 

All in all, Dark Celebration is a perfect introduction to The Darling Fire. If you only knew of its members prior to the release, you’ll definitely know who they are after taking a listen to this captivating new album. 

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