After a stunning debut LP in 2018, the Seattle and Los Angeles residents The Drowns return with two more blistering tunes of their raging, melodic, and hard-hitting street punk.

Side A offers us the swift, crisp, and rowdy punk rock sounds of “The Sound,” where smooth-yet-gritty vocals are met with an anthemic quality of driving guitars with a fiery rhythm section. “The Bricks of Ol’ Rainer” resides on Side B and is easily one of the best tunes in recent history, where throaty vocals collide with a charged atmosphere of punk ‘n’ roll and gang vocals that bring some old-school flavor to the timeless formula.

As an outfit who cut their teeth in bands likes Success, Time Again , Shell Corporation, and Madcap, it’s pretty safe to say that The Drowns collects their respective talents together in a way that will resonate on a level with Swingin’ Utters, Street Dogs, or Hot Water Music.

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