Where do grunge rockers go when they age? They go to the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. In 1984, The Meat Puppets released one of their most prolific albums, Meat Puppets II. After enjoying success in the 90’s, mostly due to Kurt Cobain’s interest, The Meat Puppets solidified their spot in grunge rock history. Now, some 30 years later, they’re back with a new album and a newfound momentum.  

Dusty Notes, released through Megaforce Records, is a monument to TMP’s talent and dedication to producing quality art.  Their “cow rock” sound has been their defining feature for three decades, and Dusty Notes takes the listener back to the beginning.

The second track, “Nine Pins,” has a delightfully rich arrangement and sounds like a forgotten track from the basement of Sun Records.  On the fourth track, “Unfrozen Memory,” we get a bit of a blast from the past featuring a more complex sound. Lyrically, this song proves their grunge roots, and the addition of a harpsichord makes for a unique, almost eclectic sound and brings a layer of depth to the track.

The record ends with the song “Outflow,” a semi-ballad, about nature and time, which is a beautiful finale to this album. Its organic progression and healthy dose of country-inspired simplicity give it an edge.

All in all, The Meat Puppets have released an album full of energy, tenacity, and inspiration from their previous releases. While not quite a blast from the past, Dusty Notes proves to hold a special place in the catalogue of music TMP has released within the last decade or so.

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