The Ramona Flowers have been progressing from their rocktronica sound since 2012, and with their new project, Strangers, The Ramona Flowers have put out some of their most colorful, electric tracks yet.

Strangers kicks off with the title track, a synth pop/nu disco tune with a nice bursting “We’ll Come Alive” hook. Clean techno production and an almost Daft Punk feel earns the project a solid first impression. The album has a Calvin Harris vibe to it, referring to the candy sweet hits found on Funk Wav Bounce Vol 1. Similarly so, The Ramona Flowers provide poppy, colorful, and sunny songs to dance and love to.

Along with the genres mentioned previously, this band also makes what I would consider R&B music. “Out of Focus,” Dramatist,” “Venice,” and the closer “Supplement (Slide)” contain a sense of sensual dramatics with smooth and effective production to back it. The shining aspects of this album include the nostalgic 80s songwriting; clean, dreamy, and danceable production, as well as a vocalist who eventually works into his own lane quite well.

Overall, The Ramona Flowers deliver a fun, poppy, and varied project with Strangers. Embracing lanes of rock, electronica, and R&B, The Ramona Flowers have struck a sound excellent for the summertime.

Strangers would have benefited from leaving a few songs on the cutting floor. Running at 11 songs and 39 minutes, the feel of the project would of been much more impactful at six to eight songs. Still, there is a lot to uncover about this band, and for fans of the genre, I would recommend checking out this project.

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