After parting ways with vocalist Tillian Pearson some years ago–he has since gone on to lead Dance Gavin Dance, where his skills have been put to better use–Tides Of Man spent some time searching for a replacement. Eventually, they played a show instrumentally and came to the decision that they would simply continue this way; no more singing, just the music.

This quickly placed them into an easy listening category, removing much of the rock energy they used during Empire Theory and Dreamhouse. In some ways, this has worked well for them. In others … well, now there’s something left to be desired. And no, surprisingly, it’s not the vocals. It’s just that extra dose of elevation acquired through the use of breakdowns and quickened paces.

The standard verse-chorus-verse structure may seem like something to leave out for a band without a singer, but the layout probably would have helped them concrete these tracks better. As odd as it may sound, the moments in which the band seems to follow some sort of expected path are the ones that make Every Nothing shine. “Waxwing” and “Everything Is Fine, Everyone Is Happy” are perfect examples of the band getting it right; there’s a flow, a build, a launching of passion … if more of the tracks nailed this execution, the record would be more influential and engaging.

That being said, Tides Of Man are excellent musicians no matter the faults to be found in their instrumental releases. They could easily be called upon to write a movie soundtrack, and would be expected to nail it. Every Nothing captures a lot of emotion along the way, and although I would have personally liked to hear some more aggrandizement along with it, it’s a collection that sparks magic and imagination.

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  1. Steve Cash Reply

    I expected a longer and more thorough review….Too short for me to have a better grasp of this album. I don’t think you should be giving reviews for bands without a singer anymore… If you can’t “feel” music with your ears and mind, then maybe you should work on opening up your mind…. And I wouldn’t quite label this album as easy listening…. It’s definitely headed towards a El Ten Eleven type of feel to it….But not quite.

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