Fury Nocturnus

Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy (T.O.M.B.) offer up the sort of industrialized, blackened noise that lends itself better to an experience than actual enjoyment. Consider this Midwestern-bred, Catholic-raised adult boy old-fashioned, but sonic insanity crafted and designed to summon the occult is not something I tend to delve into with any frequency. Fury Nocturnus, the group’s Peaceville debut, offers up a truly harrowing listening experience. The group created this ritualistic album using field recordings and cvlt instrumentation: human and animal bones, cemetery crypt doors, tombstones, coffins, and loops from insane asylums. I mean, this is just perfect music for a relaxing dinner party or preparing your thanksgiving turkey (if you want to bathe it in the blood of virgin sacrifices- I have no idea if that is a good olive oil substitute…). Of course, T.O.M.B. take themselves and their art very seriously, so while this isn’t for the faint of heart (or probably for house pets), the record really is an accomplishment in horrifying, gratifyingly interesting noise. It’s best experienced in a dark, cold room with headphones or surround sound and without distraction. There’s a lot going on throughout, and it’s clear that care was put to make this as dense a listen as it is terrifying. The only problem: it’s not particularly interesting musically; there’s no sense of songcraft. A song will build and never release the tension, or the opposite will occur. T.O.M.B. are experts at creating ritualistic noise, but without a proper sense of songwriting, it all feels a bit too aimless for its own good. It’s like a beautifully shot horror movie without a plot: it’s great, but what’s the point?

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