Tomb Mold
The Bottomless Perdition
(Blood Harvest)

On their new cassette The Bottomless Perdition, two-piece Canadian death metal renegades Tomb Mold sort of do whatever the hell they want. And they do it all over the place. Grim, in bad-taste, murky, cellar born, and living in such depravity, you’d think the whole thing wouldn’t work—but it does—and most of the time extremely well.

For starters, the opening sequence on the first song “(Regions Of Sorrow) Intro / Demon Ruins” is a noise and electronic masterpiece: a little nugget worth the price of admission alone. Then dungeon death metal takes hold and the band serenades your mind with an escapist heart, lo-fi heaven, and a punishingly nostalgic underground grit. It’s a call to the sacred and eerie: altogether unholy.

And on the topic of cassette tapes, this four-song beauty is something you can rage over and over, flipping sides like Jimmy-P flips burgers. The beauty of the cassette and its ever-lasting principles live deep within Tomb Mold’s bold approach on this short little excursion. Sure they could produce something that sounded more polished and contemporary, but why? This thing has balls.

The Bottomless Perdition weaves a direct path to your heart. It does so with haunting old-school stomps, progressive interludes, and the kind of bleak righteousness you yearn for in an age of mega-produced, shiny formed, monster piles of endless mechanization. You just have to listen to it to. If “Valley of Defilement” doesn’t have you whipping your neck and dreaming of the eternal organic fantasy, then you might have no hope left. You’re a computer. Boxed.

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