Tony Molina
Confront The Truth
(Slumberland Records)

On Confront the Truth, Tony Molina delivers a surprising new sound. While his prior release, Dissed and Dismissed, made a collective group of Weezer nerds cream their jeans, the new album shows that he doesn’t care about keeping those folks entertained. Even the Yngwie Malmsteen solos are out of this new release. The guy still shreds, but brings that skill to an album full of acoustic guitars and keys this time, while overall presenting a stronger and much more focused level of pop music. Through Confront the Truth, Tony demonstrates that he’s not only a great guitarist, but an excellent musician and songwriter. He makes the most out of each melody and riff, and then kills it right at the peak of your enjoyment with his incessant brevity. Hell, it works. It always leaves you wanting more, and definitely more than eight songs in 10 minutes. Maybe people will now say this guy is Teenage Garfunkle worship, but it’s also clear that Tony is going to do whatever he wants, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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