Tori Amos
Native Invader

Tori Amos is back and as brilliant, beautiful and emotionally wrenching as ever. In fact, her latest album, Native Invader, for me represent a return to the classic style of Golden Age Tori from Little Earthquakes on to Under the Pink. I personally find this album superior to In the Pink and at least equal to my two favorites (Little Earthquakes and Boys for Pele).

Tori Amos’ haunting melodies, virtuosic playing and siren-song presentation have made her legendary as one of the classic singer-songwriters of our time. Equal to Joni Mitchell surely and maybe even a notch above Carly Simon (who I have the greatest respect and love for).

Tori’s “Up the Creek” with the frantic and driving refrain of “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise” features Tori singing aside her daughter Tash. The chorus itself hearkens back to Tori’s Maryland childhood with her Cherokee grandfather.

Fans of Tori’s early work should be pleased with this excellent latest entry to her oeuvre.

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