Torso offers up a manic burst of explosive, matchstick-and-gasoline punk rock on their latest four-track EP, Build And Break. The California band works admirably in the spirit of their straight edge contemporaries from Mae’s desperate, shrieking vocals to the savage, cascading guitar energy put forth by Ktru.

At just ninety seconds, the title track opener wastes little time, erupting off the line into a breathless crescendo of grimy disenchantment. Following that, “Grab A Shovel” offers a little more in the way of instrumental flair, messier guitars under which it feels as though Mae is so enraged she’s struggling for breath. “Repulsion” is similar, building off of a more measured instrumental introduction, while “Sick Of Fighting” closes in a similar fashion to the opener, furious, maladjusted, and utterly over the bullshit.

The four tracks on Build And Break clock in at just over seven scattershot minutes. Everything is tracked live to tape, which gives the single a vibrant, in-the-room feeling. For the life of me (aside from the promotional material offered by the band), I don’t know what the particular political edge is though, which always lessens the effect.

My limited enthusiasm is a result of the stark brevity of the EP. On 2015’s Sono Pronta a Morire, the band brought eleven tracks, proportionally brief and no less raucous. The more I want, though, is definitely missing

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