The Tossers
Smash The Windows
(Victory Records)

I’ve always held a soft spot for Celtic punk bands like The Tossers, and ever since I caught them opening for the Dropkick Murphy’s back in the day, they’ve been at the top of of the genre in my book.

On their latest full length release, they maintain a steady dose of fast sing-a-longs such as “The Horses,” “Whiskey,” and the title track, while mixing them with some bittersweet melodies found in numbers like “1969” and “Danny Boy.” Other than the occasional filler song, most of the album’s seventeen tracks mange to strike some sort of chord. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, Smash The Windows should make a great soundtrack for all those hooligans out there planning on swigging some green beer in the near future.

Purchase the album here: Physical | iTunes

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