A little over a decade has come and gone since Touchè Amorè found their way into our hearts and playlists. After a few years away, they’re back with a fragile and earnest record, Lament (Epitaph Records), dropping October 9, we find the resolution from past pain. 

Produced by Ross Robinson, Lament is an eleven-track record that’s cornerstone is empathetic explanations and the search for internal balance. It’s cathartic and dynamic, showcasing their talents that have come from years of artistic exploration. 

The record starts with the track, “Come Heroine,” a track that pulls up from the depths and comes crashing to the surface in beating drums and counters it with the quiet spaces in between where we meet sensitive cymbals and gentle vocals. 

As we progress through the album, Touchè Amorè takes on us an odyssey of epic proportions on the song, “Limelight.” Lyrically this song is incredibly nuanced with funeral arrangement requests, relationship plateaus, and textured vocals. Backed up by the steady drums to help keep the pace, as we descended into near madness, softened by the guitar’s melody. The arrangement sets us up to diverge into a Country-inspired continuation, featuring steel guitar sounds. 

Finally, we reach reconciliation with the final track, “A Forecast,” a piece that rounds out the whole album, by reminiscing over the last few years. With witty lyrics and a sweet narrative, this track bids us goodbye until next time. Beginning with hummed chords from the piano, it feels very personal but swallows us in sound as we round out the track. 

It’s a shame that Touchè Amorè won’t be able to tour this record this year, but I can only wait to see this record performed live, as it will be incredible. Altogether Touchè Amorè honestly reminds us of their power to articulate. Giving us sweeping gestures and winding landscapes to tell us their stories. 

The album is available to pre-order here

Available to stream on all platforms October 9th

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