Breaking Class EP

Toxik is still strong and annihilating the game with wicked thrash metal verging on progressive boundaries and eclectic vibes. Breaking Class is rooted in Toxik’s traditional anti authoritarian playbook. You can expect all of the same messages that made Think This such a gem tweaked with a modern peripheral. Political subterfuge, clandestine global takeovers, and information wars fought over the media networks are clear topics.

Josh Christian is a wizard behind the ax. His riffs and guitar solos are breathtaking, methodic, and deliver a constant punch to hook the listener in. His frantic playing across the frets dismantles the strings of power with each ecstatic and frenzied note.

Charles Sabin has not lost his melodic and powerful vocal gifts. He descends like an angel of war, revealing knowledge made enticing via enchanting harmonies. This is really the Toxik comeback as a longtime fan would hope to hear it. Jim DeMaria is a standout drummer and fine introduction taking the band’s technical ferocity through intervals of pure speed and graceful lows that establish Toxik’s powerful rock presence. Shane Boulos can keep up with the pace and supports the awe inspiring harmonies with a hypnotic bass.

Despite being only a thirteen minute EP, Breaking Class is definitely an album that you can play several times over in one sitting. Rarely does a band make a comeback after so many years without sacrificing some of the essential spirit that made thrash such a powerful and groundbreaking culture in the late ‘80s. It’s no wonder that Toxik has maintained such a respectable reputation in the niche culture of thrash metal. Breaking Class comes out on August 4th, 2017.


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