Trade Wind
You Make Everything Disappear
(Graphic Nature / Equal Vision)

Jesse Barnett (Stick To Your Guns) and Thomas Williams (Stray From The Path) have made quite a reputation for themselves in the hardcore scene. These musicians have made aggressive, hard-hitting, songs in their respective bands that have also inspired a new generation, however, Trade Wind shows the true talent and potential these two musicians have and Trade Wind’s latest release, You Make Everything Disappear, couldn’t be any more true to this testament.

Trade Wind’s newest release is an 8-song masterpiece that focuses on texture and ambiance more than anything other musical aspect.

Barnett is known for his aggressive screaming voice with the group Stick To Your Guns, however, on this release, Barnett only screams for a segment of one song on this release. It is a nice change of pace as it gets to show the softer side of Barnett’s voice that is not heard as often and also proves that Barnett is a talented vocalist in many aspects.

The same can be said for Williams and his trade. Williams’ sound can be categorized as “heavily Tom Morello influenced,” however, on this release, the sound can describe as “alt rock” for a lack of better words. The delays that are incorporated into Williams’ guitar playing create a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for the listener.

The overall feeling of this album would be if Deftones’ self-titled release met Thrice’s The Alchemy Index and fused together in perfect harmony. The songwriting showcased on this release is absolutely phenomenal and may take fans of both Stick To Your Guns and Stray From the Path for a surprise. The music on this release is very mature and beautiful in nature.

The release even feature a track entitled “Je T’aimerais Toujours” where Barnett sing in French for the entire song.

This release is an overall pleasure to listen to and a great reminder of how talented each member in Trade Wind is. (Matthew Saunders)

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