Words & Photos by Jacki Vitetta

There’s something fully refreshing about not watching 5 hardcore bands on one show, and Trash Talk knows it. Instead of filling a gig with similar sounding acts, they decided to bring Black Noise, a DJ, and Antwon on the road with them – and let me tell you, watching kids jump on each other to anything other than hardcore is really fucking cool.

If you haven’t caught on to Trash Talk yet you’re both way behind the times and missing out. After shooting one of their shows in Denver 3 years ago I’ve been waiting patiently to get to do so again, and this was not a disappointment. Trash Talk puts on one of the most chaotic & entertaining live shows around, and with new music out they finally decided to bring it on the road again. Did I also mention you can download their new album for free on their website? This is a band that’s doing a lot of things right.

TL;DR, can we get some more mixed genre tours please??

Trash Talk


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