There’s this thing about Trophy Eyes: they are unique. Even though some aspects of The American Dream can take some getting used to, they are also the same aspects that make the album a marvel. Frontman John Floreani offers several different styles of vocal work, ranging from a soothing baritone, to a middle-ground, melodic sound, to a raspy, hardcore-influenced energy when things are becoming more passionate.

Though the deeper vocals take some getting used to–they almost sound out of place the first few times you listen to Trophy Eyes as a newbie–they eventually become the defining push into an extraordinary territory where few bands cross, taking their listeners by surprise. And getting the whole band involved in the words makes it all the better (and luckily for us, they jump in frequently throughout the album).

Structurally and instrumentally, The American Dream covers enough ground that it’s difficult to define or label the record. Is it based in punk? Rock? Indie? Trophy Eyes have an engaging sound that travels into various sonic lands, and it’s quite amazing.

Tracks like “Forever Friday,” “More Like You,” and “You Can Count On Me” are so good that you could have them set on repeat for quite some time before getting your momentary fill. So even if the band’s sound confuses you a little at first, give it some due time; Trophy Eyes have come across something very special here, and The American Dream is one to hold onto.

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