True Moon
(Lövely Records)

Successful post-punk/darkwave requires a certain melancholy. The music, even in minor keys, can feel almost upbeat and playful, so it takes special care to ensure it’s done with just the right mood and mindset. Scandinavian practitioners True Moon understand this delicate balance very well on their debut record. Musically, they play a standard variant of darkwave, yet the playful electronic flourishes are a nice touch, and vocalist Karolina Engdahls’ voice is sublime. She can shift her voice from haunted, melodic, and even a tad bit grating on command (not sure the latter is purposeful). The songs themselves don’t stick out a ton from one another; they don’t necessarily all sound the same, yet the melodies don’t quite stick out enough for certain tunes to stand out amongst the others. That said, those looking for some delightfully retro post-punk should keep an ear out for True Moon, whose talent and potential are impressive.

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