Nashville natives Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown are posed to release their latest album Truth and Lies via Sninefarm Records on June 28th. I am thrilled that I received an opportunity to get a sneak peek of the album before it dropped and although it doesn’t quite fall into my typical genre, I became a fan of the band very quickly.

As a huge gamer, I am always looking for tracks to listen to while I am playing my open world first person shooter games. Usually a much harder rock genre fits this bill… however, Truth and Lies was a wonderful surprise. I was taken back by how much more immersed I became because the album itself is that of a journey through music.

To loosely describe what your ears will be graced with when you have a chance to listen to the full album when it drops is an amazing marriage between classic rock, sprinkled with B.B. King style ‘bluesy’ notes, and topped off with a southern rock twang. The two standout tracks on the album that are a must-listen-to are oddly enough the first two tracks ‘Shock and Awe’ and ‘On to the Next’. These two tracks immediately sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go.

If you are looking for an album that is great for road trips, gaming or just to jam to… Truth and Lies 100% fits the bill. I look forward to hearing more from Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown in the future and you can be most certain that this album will be on my Spotify playlists for months to come.

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