Upon A Burning Body have returned, but they aren’t showing any Southern hospitality with this new release. Instead, they’re bringing some Southern Hostility into the world on June 7 via Seek And Strike. 

Quoted from a press release that was sent along with the new album, members of the band Danny Leal and Ruben Alvarez, gave a quick insight into what fans can expect from their forthcoming endeavor, saying: 

“It was time for a change. This album is definitely a huge statement for us. It was time to reinvent ourselves and get back to our roots—pure, heavy fucking metal! The energy of this album takes us back to our first two but with much more maturity.” 

Change, with a little more of a mature sound, is just what the band did with Southern Hostility. The record is chock full of 11 songs that features the band’s signature blend of aggressive breakdowns, gritty vocals, and tenacious lyrics, all of which combine to make a pretty solid record overall. 

When an album is promoted as one that showcases a band “reinventing” themselves or that it’s going to be a “get back to their roots” release,  there can be a tendency for people to believe that the new album will either be a far superior release or it won’t be as strong of an effort as prior releases. 

And interestingly enough, both beliefs can be true for the band’s latest. 

The beginning of this record starts out with all these dynamic breakdowns that are reminiscent of something off of their debut release, but further into the album, it seems to lose some of the momentum that was built up at the beginning. 

While each new song is unrelenting and aggressive in its delivery in its own right, there’s not much of a change up throughout the album as a whole, and that can start getting old the more times you listen to it. 

Of course, not all bands like to experiment with too many different elements throughout a single record, so it’s to no fault of Upon A Burning Body in wanting to stick with the basics and rebuild from past releases that may have been received with little fanfare. 

In any case, this album is a great addition to the group’s catalogue, and it really does showcase their ability to get back into their more aggressive days. 

While this album can be weighted by some of the same old stuff, there’s hints of new and fresh, which leads me to believe that this album is a good starting point of a new beginning for Upon A Burning Body. 

Purchase the album here. 


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