To say Urarv’s second album picks up where 2017’s Aurum left off is an inaccurate description, as the six tunes of which the mini-album Argentum is comprised were laid down at the same time as those on the debut. So, more of what we had on Aurum, then? Yes … and no.

On the one hand, there’s no marked stylistic difference between one set of songs or the other. The off-kilter vocals of Aldrahn are off-kilter as ever these days and, looking back, it’s hard to see this as the same voice behind “Kronet ’til Konge” and “Born of the Flickering,” but he’s in a different space now, and comfortable.

By now, you know what you’re getting, and the taste is one that’s acquired. “Ahaman Inikad Mo” is forgettable, but it seems everyone’s gotta have an intro track now. Like a pneumatic nail gun set to warp speed 666, “Kråkekjøtt” veritably bolts out of the gate, only slowing down for the chorus—and barely at that—as lazy-languid strumming vies for attention with the punk-fueled center of the title track before emerging victorious.

Shrouding itself in Venom/Celtic Frost cro-magnon riffs ’n bursts, “Sannhet” contains all elements of what’s come before, but herein lies the rub.

In this age of quirky-for-quirkiness’ sake, some of Argentum may not hold up when it comes to the strength of its songwriting, same as on the debut. An enjoyable listen, yes, but for the more album-oriented listener, Dodheimsgard’s A Umbra Omega will give more lasting thrills.

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