The Used
The Canyon
(Hopeless Records)

Over the years, The Used have progressed and transformed from their scene; but it wasn’t until their Hopeless debut, Imaginary Enemy, that the band took a decent leap forward in trying something different, blending a punk energy and honesty to their formula. Now with The Canyon, their seventh full-length to date, The Used have returned with something deeply personal, organic, and transcending. Recorded on tape with minimal takes, the record has an overall different feel and approach from anything the band has done previously. Opening on the acoustic track “For You”, the album immediately begins on a powerful note, one that clearly strikes him to the core. From there, elements of classic rock can be found scattered throughout the Canyon, which can hardly be compared to anything in the band’s existing discography; The Ocean of the Sky was probably the closest hint that The Used had this kind of grungy, animated, living sound inside them. Of the massive soundtrack to be dissected here – which is exactly what one must do to uncover its various levels – it’s some of the band’s weirdest or more classic rock tracks that stand out about the rest. “Upper Falls”, “Moving the Mountain (Odysseus Surrenders)”, and “Over and Over Again” feature some of the finest moments the album has to offer, but really The Canyon can’t be discussed so simply. The Used have truly created something unique enough that people should just explore it themselves, taking their time to unearth every organism squirming within its walls. There’s a grand landscape here, one that longtime fans and new listeners alike should traverse in repeat before forming their public opinion.

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