The Wild EP
(Been Had Records)

Brooklyn musician Danny Lannon (ex-The Frail) has quite the hit on his hands with his latest project. Vacances is a bit of a misleading misnomer, as this short 5-song EP is full-up with sharp and memorable hooks. What helps The Wild‘s effectiveness is how varied Vacances are with their synth-y indie pop sound. Coming somewhere in the middle of Venn Diagram with Neon Indian, Joy Division, and Circa Waves, the post-punk energy mixes masterfully with Lannon’s breathy vocals and the excellent, almost synthwave-like electronic overtones. There’s a whole lot that is quite familiar with the five songs here, but Lannon does a great job of play up his love of the 80s in a way that feels quite modern. Frankly, the songs themselves are so catchy that playing “Spot The Influence” is likely not going to happen. I’m particularly partial to the haunting synthwave of “Human” and “Legacy Girls”; however, the buoyant “Never Give Up” is a stellar hip-shaker.

Lannon is onto something special here with this excellent EP. I expect big things from him in the future.

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