Polish Death Metal tyrants return for their umpteenth release, Thy Messenger. Vader keep it short and brutal, slinging five songs in 13 minutes. Since 1988, when they dropped a self-released live EP and a demo, Vader have produced killer, thrash-infused death metal for drooling fans relentlessly. Critics and audiences relish Vader albums since The Ultimate Incantation, 1992 to recent victories (The Empire, 2016; Dark Age, 2017). Nuclear Blast allowed the legacy to prosper on May 31.

Vader’s sound is cold and punishing. Embracing the path they have continued on, with peers such as Entombed, Grave, and Dismember, Vader rip through Thy Messenger with purpose and skill. No frills or extravagant indulgences on this EP. The persistent double bass work pushes and pushes each track. The full drums of the opener, “The Grand Deceiver,” whips a frenzied rhythm and is later blessed by a scorching solo.

Vocalist/guitarist and lone founding member Piotr Wiwczarek’s words are growled but pleasantly audible to relay the chilling subject matter. Vader delves in to darker ills of this world with tangible concepts. The gallop of thrash-driven “Emptiness” is a treasure on the EP. Gripping, the main riff rides along a substantial pounding. Ending with a Judas Priest cover, “Steeler,” adds a bounce to the treachery.

Thy Darkness showcases this quartet fusing ideas and proficiency since 2011 expertly. Vader is continuing their incendiary reputation with songwriting that punches directly to the gut. Eschewing flare, Vader keep it stark and cynical with the crushing songs to match.   

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