Texas has a remarkably diverse musical heritage that spans from outlaw country and rock to Tejano, making it arguable one of the most brilliantly disparate musical landscapes this country has to offer. And it seems all six members of the Dallas-based Vandoliers have soaked up every bit of those influences over the years.

Their latest release, and first for Bloodshot Records, Forever, is essentially a love letter to every pocket of Texas music out there. Cramming in Americana, punk rock, country and Tejano throughout the 10 tracks here for an exhausting, though remarkably satisfying, tour of everything that makes Lone Star music enduring.

The band seamlessly slips in and out of a slew of different genres. From rollicking numbers like “Troublemaker” and “All on Black,” perfectly accentuated by Tex Mex horns and twangy guitars, to the sublime funk of “Shoshone Rose,” the band turn in a near-perfect album.   

Fans of everyone from Doug Sahm and Buddy Holly to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Waylon Jennings can rest assured that their legacy lives on strong in a band like Vandoliers.        

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  1. Great band. Really enjoyed it. Favorite songs were Troublemaker & the last one on the album. Like that we can actually understand every word they are singing! Great Interview!

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