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(Collective Confusion / Sub City)

Civilizations do not solely collapse from one bad person. They may push for negative impact, but it’s the complacency of the masses that causes shit to go south (proverbially speaking). We’re living in a time of mass communication, where stories can be shared rapidly. It’s upsetting to see what’s out there, as foul decisions are being made and hate is being televised regularly. However, it’s not a time to curl up into a ball and listen to Bauhaus (although those tracks are gloom-gold), but rather an ongoing reminder to stand up for equality and keep progress moving forward. John Nolan, guitarist/vocalist of Taking Back Sunday is doing just that with a thoughtful musical lineup.

Uniting a variety of punk, hardcore, rock, and folk players, Nolan has assembled the Music For Everyone compilation. With over 25 bands and a reasonable price up at bandcamp, the collection is benefitting the ACLU, an organization devoted to protecting the rights of everyone in the United States. “During these next four years, I feel it’s going to be extremely important to support organizations that will stand up to the Trump administration,” says John Nolan. “I also wanted to give artists an opportunity to express something about what’s gone on in this country over the past year and what’s coming in the next ones. I needed that for myself and wanted to connect with other people who needed it. And I wanted to take that need for self-expression and channel it into something bigger than all of us.”

Unreleased and rare material include the likes of Anti-Flag, Potty Mouth, Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds, Chris Farren, Taking Back Sunday, Anthony Green, Allison Weiss, Dave Hause, Frank Iero and oh so much more. With many taking a singer/songwriter approach, the tone is much more personal and intimate in sound. While there’s something for everyone here, it’s like a contemporary call to arms uniting us all to share a voice of reason and contempt for the current political/social landscape. On “In My Eyes” Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat once sang, “You tell me that I make no difference. At least I’m fucking trying.” So even if you feel like you can’t make change as one person, never stop being the change that you want to see.

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