It’s a bit odd for me to say the “debut” album by Venom Inc., considering the band is comprised of former members of British extreme metal pioneers Venom (who are still currently active as well). But, once again we have two different versions of one band, each fractured off and doing their own thing (a seemingly common trend among some bands these days).

While I’m not as in to the satanic imagery/lyrics as much as I may have once been when I was 15, good metal is still good metal no matter what, and I’ll give just about anything a chance as long as it has some decent enough riffs. The album’s first two singles alone (“Ave Satanas” and “Dein Fleisch”) both fit that bill for the most part. But I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t find my mind wandering through eleven tracks worth of this. In short, Ave has it’s moments, but it’s not something I’d go too far out of my way to listen to again.

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