Although Nether Darkness is the group’s debut EP, Vhorthax already have a strong, established sound that is both brooding and straightforward.

Hailing from Russia, Vhorthax are releasing their first album via Iron Bonehead, on both CD and 12″. They play blackened death metal in its rawest and purist forms, channeling a deep, dark aggression that can only be bred from living in a cold, isolated place.

There are many bleak, nihilistic charge-ahead tracks, such as “Stabat Mater” and “Crushing the Vessels of Trinity,” and plenty of thrashy, upbeat interludes to give the album a strong sense of flow. Overall, it sounds polished and thought-out, while still keeping the raw integrity fans have come to expect from the genre.

This is a fast, furious, and heavy record, perfect for anyone into blackened death, deathened black metal, and anything in between. And since it’s the band’s debut offering, everyone interested in those genres should give this is a listen. It won’t disappoint.

Purchase the album here. 


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