Sweden’s crust punk veterans Victims, deliver politically infused d-beat sounds on their newest installment The Horse and Sparrow. Recently signed to Relapse Records, this marks their 12th album since the band’s conception in 1997. After 22 years of internationally touring throughout Europe and the United States, these new tracks are sure to bring more underground hype to the seasoned shredders.  

Fast, hard, angry and sludgy. They come in with intensity during their first song “The Horse and Sparrow Theory”, which immediately sets the hard-core foundation for their entire doom discography. The most gripping track is undoubtedly their albums’ six plus minute epic titled, “We Fail”. It begins with a voiceover lecturing how the U.S. military’s has identified and plans for global issues like climate change, forest fires, and potential migration. Displayed in the background is a constant, steady, beat, that strums on repeat. This creates an internal buzz of anxiety, as you wait until the song finally drops into a full fledge vocal irruption. This back and forth bravado showcases uniformity amongst the vocals, bass, guitar, and drums. In doing so, it results in allowing the music time to breath in between the screams. The albums’ theme devises a plan to make one understand how “we fail” as humans to face major societal issues including the trickle-down economic theory.  

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