Various Artists
Vinnum Dei Satanas – The Wine Of Satan
(Forever Plagued)

Originally a vinyl-only release on Greece’s Spellbound Records way back in ’93, The Wine Of Satan compiled a handful of names from the second wave of black metal’s last gasp. Now seeing a US release on Forever Plagued, and rebranded as Vinnum Dei Satanas – The Wine Of Satan, this should’ve-been-classic coughs grave dust as it rises from the earth once more.

Beherit’s “Paradise Of Thy Demonic Host” kicks things off, all divebombs and rumble, but recalling more early Scandinavian death than the more lo-fi but no less hate-driven “Swarming Black Emotions” of Corpse Molestation, the latter not seeing official release elsewhere until a 2004 compilation. Czech Republic avante-black troupe Master’s Hammer close the curtain on Side A, their experimental take on blackness paving the way for future genre-benders Dodheimsgard, Ulver and Ved Buens Ende. The US’s Crucifier steamrolls with their sub-level death hymn “Chime Of The Goat’s Head Bell”, while underground stalwarts Mortuary Drape provide the ideal finale with the ritualistic doomed ruin of “Into The Catacombs” from their 1987 Necromancy demo.

And that’s where the draw of this reissue lies, really, the chance to own – albeit reissued – a piece of extreme metal history.

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