Vomit Angel
Sadomatic Evil
(Iron Bonehead)

Denmark’s Vomit Angel is a band as singular as chopping wood: heavy low-end, swift follow through, and cut, cut, cut. There’s not a whole lot of variance to the music—and that’s the point. The dimension is eccentric, and therefore alert. It’s black metal in a primitive death metal orb, and very punk rock—offering shards, jokes, and passages of continuous groove. There are noise aspects as well, and general shadowy fun. Sadomatic Evil is the group’s quick and punishing debut: weighty and stony.

The band is the brainchild of Necrodevil and Lord Titan, two founding members of the bestial metal group Sadogoat. Things are bestial-ish in Vomit Angel, but not quite as manic and ugly. Here, the duo flies as sludge connectors and mean stompers. Often, there are times of transcendence, sections that move outward and resonate a sort of (dare I say it) happiness. And the overall palette is slightly arty. “Cotard” comes in at 25 seconds, with pig growls and general goof; and “Time of the Moon” is something serious and Darkthrone-like, with its evil nightscape and horned wallow.

Sadomatic Evil originally came out in October 2016 on cassette tape and really feels like an analog dream. With its creaks and cracks and malignant forces of dirt-thrash and scorched vision, the thing is a nice little pocket horror. Iron Bonehead productions recently picked it up, and are now releasing it on 12” vinyl. So there you go: a gargle and froth of a record to play for your most polite and politically correct friends. Bust out the Coors Light!

Purchase the album here.

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