The Von Deer Skulls
The Rest Is Silence
(Wraith Productions)

The Von Deer Skulls are cool. It’s not only their post-doom metal sound, but also that they’ve invented a culture of their own. It’s not just the eerie sound of the bagpipe in the background. They’ll have you frozen in the headlights as their music evokes arts imagery which may even frighten you, if not just keep you intrigued.

For those of you who haven’t heard a Von Deer Skull song or haven’t seen them perform live, this album does appear to be quintessential. These songs will follow you around, jump out at you from behind the bushes, and will hopefully haunt you.

Not unlike the noise of fingernails across a blackboard, the song “Tabula Rasa” is something to bend your mind around. Ugly ducklings you’re welcome to enjoy “Swan Song” with many others, and there will be no avoiding “Personal Hell” either – one of the 9 very original hit songs on this album.

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