There’s a very thin tightrope between incredible and boring tech death, especially given the sheer volume of greatness we’ve seen in the past few years. When each song contains 100 riffs, it’s easy to get bogged down with mediocrity; it’s a numbers game. If you write 50 great riffs, you’ll have made your whole decade-plus career as a doom band, but that makes for merely half a decent tech death record (I know that’s like comparing apples to stoned oranges, but still…).

French act The Walking Dead Orchestra have ravenously walked that very thin line – very slowly with arms hanging in front, to be sure – and the results on their Unique Leader debut hint at quite the lively pulse for this young group. Resurrect shows quite a few signs of life, but a lot of that has to do with The Walking Dead Orchestra’s keen sense of identity and riff-craft. The group pull pretty obvious influence from the more brutal end of the spectrum, as Aborted, Benighted, and Dying Fetus are all noted reference points, but there’s also a strong Polish influence (think Behemoth and Decapitated), but bits of ferocious melodeath and deathcore come into play a bit as well. It all makes for a continuously vicious and captivating listen, as the riff-a-minute style is broken up by solos, melodies, and brutality in equal measure. The fact that there’s an eerie sense of atmosphere that’s allow to rise above the noise only adds to the lasting impact and replayability of Resurrect.

The Walking Dead Orchestra aren’t out here to do anything but destroy speakers and eardrums, and while this re-issue doesn’t offer up a whole lot in terms of innovation, that barely acts as a caveat to the sheer enjoyment factor on this impressive and bombastic listen. Resurrect will surely be a first impression for many, and while its inherent lack of complete innovation is apparent, few modern death metal acts can offer such a whirlwind of dazzling songwriting and blazing brutality. The potential is through the coffin for these undead young gentlemen.

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