Scars of Aeons
(Black Bow Records)

Warcrab is devastatingly brutal death metal. Scars of Aeons delivers a groovy cadence. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Warcrab is proving that you can name your band after a carapace crawler that people trap and kill every day and still be cool. Warcrab is mighty and cruel. They have mustered from their sources of inspiration the heavy cudgel riffs of Entombed and Bolt Thrower with the slow grinding caustic sounds of old school New Orleans sludge metal.

Once, not long ago, the late reverend of metal called Ronnie James Dio proclaimed that “metal will never die!”; indeed, see how the new crafters of metal are killing it. Warcrab is a devastating treat of many different elements, carrying the torch for traditional metal sounds and reinventing the steel. From average length ground pounders to the ten minute opus of unforgiven angst that is the album’s self-titled last track, Scars of Aeons is pretty cool.



Nicholas Pendergast is a writer and artist with eight years of experience as a contributor. He has written for New Noise, Metal Injection, and Indy Metal Vault just to name a few places that have defied his low expectations by inviting his opinions. His goal in life is to die peacefully before backpains become a natural everyday occurrence, and he finally quit Warcraft because of China.

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