And So I Watch You From Afar
The Endless Shimmering
(Sargent House)

If you’re seeking a soundtrack for your next hipster dance party, look no further than The Endless Shimmering, the fifth LP from Sargent House instrumental dance-rock darlings And So I Watch You From Afar. The Endless Shimmering is high in energy, keeping everyone on their feet, but is still artistic enough that no one will judge you. The North Ireland rock group floods your ears with fast guitar licks and dynamic time signatures not unlike their instrumental label mates, Adebisi Shank. For better or worse, the songs tend to skew on the long side, with most over 4 minutes and the longest one clocking in at a lengthy 7:26. The good news is that the songs take so many twists and turns that the length doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

The guitar riffs noodle up and down like a fly in an obstacle course, and on some tracks there are dueling guitars that almost seem to be having a conversation with one another. As the record progresses, it adopts an increasingly warm tone. While the early tracks elicit feelings of stress and angst, the album makes its way into songs of comfort and familiarity. Overall, ASIWYFA does not disappoint with this release. The record sounds big, energetic, and interesting. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing shorter songs. But this small criticism aside, The Endless Shimmering is worth picking up.

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