Double Dare
(Equal Vision Records)

Dipped in the kind of pop sugar that brings to mind Motion City Soundtrack and Count Your Blessings, Waterparks have returned for more (mostly) casual fun. Though the feel of Double Dare is primarily carefree and upbeat – “Hawaii (Stay Awake)”, “Gloom Boys”, and “I’ll Always Be Around” are some of the smoothest to be heard on the album – it’s in the band’s more quickened and sharpened moments that they really shine. “Made In America” and “Little Violence” show such an edge, while “Plum Island” takes the formula a step further by combining the more reserved, atmospheric moments experienced previously in the likes of “Dizzy” and “Powerless”. The pop punk trio show a lot of potential in the thirteen tracks composing Double Dare, but something does seem to be missing. The hooks could be stronger, for one; the band has the skill instrumentally, but some of the vocal structures and lines fall short of being truly noteworthy. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining collection, one that would do well on summer cruises down the highway with friends.

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