Self-Titled EP
(Cercle Social Records)

Post-punk, especially of the 80s persuasion, is most appealing if you are a have a goth side. Do you like songs about disorientation, loss of innocence and identity? Do you like driving songs with propulsive bass work and a boisterous, somewhat flamboyant singer? Well, I sure as Hell do, and Cercle Social Records’ recent reissue of WAY OUT’s debut self-titled EP is perfect for the occasion. Their style mostly stays in line with what you would expect from 80s-inspired goth-y post-punk, and that’s perfectly fine with me. Derek Knox has an excellent voice for the style, and his swagger suits the hip-shaking aspects of the band’s sound. This isn’t synth-y or dance-y, but Anna Wingfield and Nick Sadler are an impressive rhythm section, and the bass and drum work are sure to get you moving.

It won’t win any awards for innovation, but WAY OUT are fantastic practitioners of the goth-y post-punk sound, and this EP is a great showcase for what should be a promising career in the making.

Purchase the album here.

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