Bristol band Weatherstate’s debut album Born a Cynic is a blend of modern punk and sing-songy melodies. On first listen, the songs make you want to sing along. The guitar riffs are catchy, and every chorus is infectious. They all have upbeat melody and lyrics that are very relatable to people who have ever felt emptiness or loneliness.

“Ghost” starts the album off with true punk guitar riffs. As the song progresses, it goes into the bridge which has a steady drum beat behind the lyrics, “send my condolences to God ‘cause I’m already dead / And I would probably settle down but I’m stuck in my head / I’m just a mirror of a ghost sometimes / born a cynic not a saint and I will go down swinging.” The whole bridge seems to sum up the entire album.

The album talks about emptiness and what it is like to be a cynic. However, there is always a part that seems to accept being a cynic and going with it. The common theme seems to be that we are all going to die one day, but what can we do?

“Sympathy” is a song about being okay with being alone. It opens with “I feel contagious / I’m dying more every day.” It then goes into talking about being alone but “never minding your own company.” This line is about being able to control your own thoughts, even if they are negative.

With catchy music and melodies that people can relate to, Born a Cynic is an album that is about being cynical, but  it reiterates that you should never give up fighting your own negative thoughts, emptiness, and loneliness.

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